Cooking class paris

The French cuisine is renowned all over the world, and French cooking classes are increasingly on demand. Paris being the country’s capital, is filled with reliable cooking classes and food tours for anyone ready to learn about French cuisine. If you have the eagerness to learn about French cuisine, you need to know where to begin.

French-only Classes

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Paris is a French-speaking town and you have to ask yourself whether a class taught in French is most suitable for you. Most professional schools teach their lessons in French like the L’Atelier des Chefs offering single-subject classes and accessible from seven locations in Paris. The French only classes like the schools of Alan Ducasse and Guy Martin are ideal for anyone interested in traditional cooking although you must understand French well.

Options for English speakers

Anyone who speaks English can attend cooking classes in Paris organised by French and Americans holding small cooking classes in English. For instance, Cook’n With Class is an English cooking class open to students willing to cook, go to the market and tour around Paris. Those looking for a real experience should try Le Foodist, one of the best cooking class for both English and French speaking classes.

Le Foodist Cooking Class

At Le Foodist, you interact with professionals with a hand on experience in French cooking techniques with knowledge of handling non-French speaking students very well. They teach how to cook all types of food and let students experience the local culture. In addition, the cooking class takes students on food tours and wine tasting as well as allow them to interact with people from other cultures. Le Foodist’s excellent ratings on TripAdvisor is an indication that this is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a good cooking class in Paris.