Take cooking lessons with a French chef

Learn French recipes

No one can ever doubt the culinary abilities of the French chefs. This is the reason Paul Bucosse well represents France in the world top ten chefs. French cuisine is known for its respect for food and authentic ingredients which make the food to stand out and taste magnificent. Anyone who has been to Paris and is interested in learning how to cook must admit that the French chefs are the best in teaching people this art.

Reasons the French chefs are the best

The French chefs understand the local food better so they will teach the basics as well as the complicated culinary arts. At the same time, they prefer to offer classes in French because there are some things which are easy to explain in French than when it is translated into other languages. Learning from a French chef helps one understand the place of food in French society.

Where to take cooking lessons with French chefs

Le Foodist offers cooking class in Paris with qualified French chefs who understand the art of cooking. This enables anyone who goes to Le Foodist to learn the original French cuisine, sharpen their skills and interact with some of the best chefs in Paris. In the classes, you will be taken through the local food, learn about the local culture and differentiate various ingredients that have their place in French society.

Are Le Foodist classes in English or French?

The founders of Le Foodist are passionate about non-French speaking people learning the traditional French cuisine. Therefore, the classes are offered in English, but the chefs are aware of the local language. In a nutshell, the instructors at Le Foodist cooking class are French chefs who understand what they are doing. They speak both languages to help students who cannot speak French learn the art of cooking.

Tip: we advise you to book a gastronomic tour in the capital (see here) to discover the best French recipes.